Copper Health Oro Valley continues to follow all federal, state and local guidelines, regulations and requirements and we continue to thoroughly track and follow the COVID-19 pandemic locally and globally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, when you are ready to leave the hospital after an illness, injury or surgery, you and your doctor will work with a case manager or discharge planner to determine the best course for your recovery. If a stay receiving post-acute rehabilitation skilled nursing care would be beneficial, the process of finding the right place for you request a referral to Copper Health of Oro Valley.

Each skilled nursing center offers the same core services. Beyond that, some specialize in certain kinds of therapies, offer different amenities or distinct add-ons. At Copper Health Oro Valley we offer nursing services, all therapy services, hospitality services and added amenities/wellness services.

You are able to decide where you would like to receive your care. If you are not offered a specific community, you are welcome to ask about a specific location.

There are multiple requirements for qualification. Medicare gives certain number of days to be utilized for a hospital or skilled nursing stay. You need Medicare Part A and you also need days left in your benefit period. Another requirement is a qualifying hospital stay (admitted in the hospital for three consecutive midnights), and lastly, your doctor will need to writer orders.

The maximum coverage available is 100 days per illness and in a specific time-period. If you do not use your days in one continuous stay, you will need a 60-day break from skilled nursing and hospital stay for your skilled nursing days to renew.

Medicare is set up as a tiered system and changes during your length of stay. For the first 20 days, there is no additional copay. After day 20 there is an additional copay. If you have a secondary insurance, it will potentially cover those costs.

Medicare covers room, meals, skilled nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, nutrition counseling, medical social services, medications, medical supplies and equipment used while staying at Copper Health Oro Valley.

We want our guests to be dressed in loose fitting clothing (sweatpants, shorts, t-shirts, shoes/sandals etc.). We want our guests out of the hospital gown and into “street clothes” to change the mindset of “I’m sick” to a mindset of “I am ready for the day.”

Therapy frequency and duration is based on doctor’s orders and plan of care to achieve an optimal level of functional independence safely. Progress is assessed therapeutically and medically. Typically, therapy ranges five to six days per week.

Physical therapy focuses on gait, bed mobility, transfers, and balance to include breaking down tasks while increasing strength to regain functional independence. Occupational therapy focuses on upper body strengthening to regain independence with activities of daily living, such as toileting, dressing and homemaking tasks. Speech therapy focuses on improving cognition, swallow techniques, problem-solving and sequencing to perform all tasks safely and independently. All three disciplines function together to focus on achieving an optimal level of independence.

Therapy goals are based on a technical assessment called Prior Level of Function (PLOF) and current physical capabilities. Therapy goals are focused on striving to achieve PLOF or as close as possible to PLOF based on current level of care and assistance required. Therapeutic goals can be upgraded or downgraded, as necessary. Most importantly, therapy goals are focused on what the resident wants to achieve.

Your discharge date is based on your medical status, recovery status and level of independence with therapy. The interdisciplinary team ensures that you are healthy and ready for a safe return home.

Such care is generally provided by caregiver agencies in the home or in assisted living or long-term care communities. Copper Health Oro Valley social worker will help facilitate orders for the type of care needed at home.

Adaptive equipment is typically not provided by your insurance. Medicare Part B covers medically necessary durable medical equipment that your doctor prescribes for use in your home. Copper Health Oro Valley team helps ordering these items for our guests.

After you return home, your personal physician will follow up with you. Medicare also offers a team of home-visiting nursing offering many therapeutic services, if you meet certain conditions (particularly that you are homebound, and a doctor has certified that you’re home bound.) Check with your personal physician on those details.

If for any reason you are not feeling like you are continually improving, please call us to discuss direct admission from home for nursing and therapy services. In most cases, your insurance will allow a return in-patient visit to us within 30 days if you are not feeling better or improving. We will work with your Primary Care Physician to get the orders necessary for your direct admission to us.

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Copper Health Oro Valley continues to follow all federal, state and local guidelines, regulations and requirements and we continue to thoroughly track and follow the COVID-19 pandemic locally and globally. To date, Copper Health Oro Valley has not admitted and will not admit any patients presumed to have or with an active diagnosis of COVID-19; during the admission screening process, we require a negative polymerise chain reaction (PCR) test at the hospital level before any new patients can be transferred to our facility. We are committed to protecting our patients, staff and community as long as this public health crisis continues. Please visit this page for up-to-date information and to monitor all COVID-19 community releases from Copper Health Oro Valley.